Before removing the hijab, Nathalie Holscher cried while asking permission from Umi Pipik


Jakarta – Recently, Nathalie Holscher managed to surprise the public with her posts on her personal Instagram account. Yes, the mother of one child suddenly uploaded a video showing herself appearing without wearing a hijab.

In the photo, Nathalie Holscher seems to let her long hair down. Suddenly, her decision to remove the hijab reaped various responses, pros and cons from a number of parties.

Umi Pipik as the person closest to her, opened her voice giving information regarding this matter. So how will it go? Let’s take a peek.

Don’t want to comment much


Photo : Instagram/_ummi_pipik_

On one occasion when met by the media crew. Umi Pipik did not want to comment more on Nathalie Holscher’s decision.

Even so, Abidzar Al Ghifari’s mother emphasized that she would always accompany Nathalie Holscher. For him, everyone has their own life process.

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