Billie Eilish Ready to Release ‘What Was I Made For’ Song for Barbie Movie OST

United States of America – As it gets closer to the release date, the promotion for the Barbie Live Action film is getting more intense. This time, Billie Eilish admits that she can’t wait to release her newest song to become a Barbie OST.

The song titled ‘What Was I Made For’ was made directly by Billie Eilish. Curious when the release date is? Let’s take a peek at the full news below.

Billie Eilish Fills Barbie Movie OST

Through her personal Instagram, Billie Eilish uploaded a photo with the typical Barbie ‘B’ logo accompanied by a mysterious sentence.

Apparently, that sentence is the title of the latest song from Billie Eilish which will be released on July 13 as the OST from the Barbie movie.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! “What Was I Made For?” OUT ON 13 JULY AT 07.00 PT. !!!!!!!!” wrote Billie Eilish enthusiastically quoted on Friday, July 7, 2023.

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