Blasphemed About Wealth and Was Asked for a DNA Test When Adzam Was Born, Nathalie Holscher Confirms This


Jakarta – The beautiful actress Nathalie Holscher is now openly answering the blasphemy of netizens who have once again teased her about wealth to the point of statement Nathalie about the child’s maintenance of IDR 25 million.

Furious at this, Sule’s ex-wife actually admitted that netizens’ blasphemy would become a field of fortune for her. Is it true? Let’s immediately scroll below.

Blasphemy Becomes a Field of Fortune

Instagram/Nathalie Holscher

Photo : Instagram/Nathalie Holscher

The couple Sule and Nathalie Holscher officially divorced in August 2022, after almost 2 years of having a household together.

Choosing to provide Adzam with a living of IDR 25 million per month, and having become a public gossip because Nathalie was said to be ungrateful, now this Indo-Dutch mixed woman has uncovered all of Sule’s and his family’s past ulcers.

Furious with the blasphemy of netizens who were said to have dropped their image, the former “Queen of Amer” actually admitted that he would make this insult a field of fortune.

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