Blasphemed Accused of Calling Box Tantri Like a Maid, Posan Tobing: I Don’t Care

Jakarta – The feud between Posan Tobing and his former band mates in Kotak, Tantri, Chua and Cella seems to be going on until now.

Especially after allegations emerged that Posan said Tantri’s face before being famous looked like a maid. In fact, from his recent confession, Posan denied ever mentioning that. Like what? The following is the clarification of Posan Tobing.

Posan Tobing clarification Celebrities

Photo: Seleb

Met recently, Posan Tobing denied reports that he said Tantri Kotak’s face looked like a maid’s. The former Kotak drummer then asked his haters to see what he said in full.

“I apologize if you are offended, but that (Tantri’s face looks like a maid) is not me who is speaking. So please watch the full video, what am I saying,” said Posan Tobing, quoted from Popular Celebrity YouTube, Tuesday, July 18, 2023.

“I said at the time, Uya Kuya asked ‘What was the process for meeting and until Tantri and Chua were able to get it’, right, if I’m not mistaken. Yes, I’ll tell you. For Chua, that was indeed my statement, but for Tantri, many said it, even people around me said it, not me,” said Posan Tobing.

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