Blasphemed by Haters, Nathalie Holscher Threatens Legal Action

Jakarta – Nathalie Holscher surprised the public by deciding to let go of the hijab. Receiving negative comments from haters, Nathalie’s patience seems to have run out.

He also threatened the haters to proceed with legal action. So what’s next? Check out the full news below.

Nathalie Holscher Threatens Haters

Launching her personal Instagram, Nathalie Holscher uploaded a series of DM evidence that entered her personal Instagram.

Apparently the DMs contain insults from haters every time Nathalie updates Story. The haters gave negative comments such as ‘Really ugly’ to ‘Disgusted’. Unable to stand that comment, Nathalie replied to the DM.

“How come there are no photos? I saved but. How are you? Want me to continue?” asked Nathalie Holscher quoted on Thursday, July 13, 2023.

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