Both Affected by Issues of Cheating, Moments Arya Saloka & Fandy Christian Laugh Together Angry Citizens


Jakarta – Arya Saloka and Fandy Christian were found sitting next to each other and laughing together at an award ceremony. Unfortunately, the moment for both of them was ragged by netizens.

Because, they highlighted the two soap operas who were both hit by the issue of cheating but were still happy. Like what? Scroll through the article below.

Netizens roar

Arya Saloka, Fandy Christian

Fandy Christian and Arya Saloka were recorded together sitting next to each other at an award ceremony. Princess Anne’s husband wore a jacket and pants with a red and black pattern, while Fandy Christian wore a pink suit.

The two soap opera actors seemed to be talking together and laughing. In fact, he seemed so engrossed in talking about something that he didn’t pay attention to the event in front of him for a few minutes.

That moment was also uploaded by a gossip account who was curious about their discussion.

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