Bringing Optimistic Spirit, Indies Releases Part II Album After all Life Will End


Jakarta – Baskara Putra, or who is familiarly called Indies, completes his second album by releasing part II After all Life Will End. The album was released by Sun Eater to digital services on July 21, 2023.

Part II is the final work on his latest album by adding 14 songs after the previous 14 songs in part I which were released first on July 7, 2023. Take a peek at the full information below.

Theme Song In Part II Life Will End Anyway


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This album will also be released in full in double CD format which contains 28 songs. In the future, the 28 songs will be performed in a solo concert in four cities, namely Surabaya on August 13, Semarang on August 20, Bandung on August 23, and Jakarta on September 30.

In Part I, the song that is carried by the Indies feels gloomy. This is because the Indies raised the topic of death and despair towards world conditions.

In contrast, in Part II, his 14 songs will tend to be optimistic. There will be enthusiasm about tips to keep living life no matter how bad things are in Part II.

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