Call Bobon Santoso Gimmick, Marshel Widianto Prayed for Follow

Bali – Marshel Widianto was attacked by netizens after calling Bobon Santoso a gimmick. In the post, the YouTuber from Bali is seen wearing the Bali BNNP prison suit.

Marshel’s comments made him pray for Bobon to follow soon. Let’s take a peek at the scathing comments from netizens to Cesen’s husband.

Pray to Follow Ricardo

Photo : Ricardo

Several comments emerged after Bobon Santoso uploaded photos and videos of himself wearing prison clothes. Some came from well-known people such as Marshel Widianto.

The comic from North Jakarta thinks that the photos and videos from Bobon Santoso are just gimmicks.

It’s a cool gimmick,” wrote Marshel Widianto.

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