Call Wikwik more than 3 times, Hanum Mega: There is no word to stay for the sake of children


Jakarta – It’s like being struck by lightning in broad daylight, the Hanum Mega program cannot contain her heartache and disappointment after being cheated on by Achmad Herlambang alias Bambang.

After having an affair for a month and having sex more than 3 times, Hanum Mega refused to survive for the sake of the child. Like what? Read the full article below.

Wiki 3 Times

Hanum Mega

Seeing her husband having an affair since a month ago, Hanum Mega was very emotional when she picked up the two of them when they met at the rented house. Hanum even dismantled that Achmad Herlambang and Tama Tazia alias Zia had had sex more than three times in a month.

No doubt this caused Tama Tazia to become pregnant, so Bambang intended to abort her using an abortion drug and even had an abortion.

Hearing this, Hanum Mega was quite fed up because this was not the first time she had been cheated on and refused to survive for the sake of the child.

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