Called Alshad Ahmad’s mother, Tessa Mariska: I never gave birth to Alshad

Jakarta – Tessa Mariska went viral some time ago after singing Princess Ariani’s song entitled ‘Loneliness’. Many say that she looks like the mother of Alshad Ahmad, namely Yanti Dwiarti.

Accused of being similar to Mrs. Alshad Ahmad, Tessa Mariska also opened her voice. Like what? Read more below.

Tessa Mariska Is Called Similar to Alshad Ahmad’s Mother

tessa mariska

Many netizens think that Tessa Mariska is similar to Alshad Ahmad’s mother. Regarding this, the sworddut said he was not comfortable with Alshad’s mother.

“In fact, I thought I was Alshad’s mother, so I felt uncomfortable with Alshad’s mother,” said Tessa Mariska, quoted from the Instagram account @bundstethic on June 29, 2023.

Furthermore, Tessa Mariska also explained her relationship with Alshad’s mother. He explained that he was not related by blood.

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