Called Caper Gegara Uploading Holiday Photos with Natasha Rizki, Desta Gives Striking Answers

Jakarta – Recently, Desta and Natasha Rizki shared their moments together on vacation with their three children in Malaysia. This moment drew the spotlight because the two of them had been officially divorced since June 19, 2023 yesterday.

Although many are amazed by the way they have remained harmonious after parting ways, there are also those who still comment julid on Desta and Caca-Natasha’s nickname. However, Desta did not remain silent. What did he say? Let’s check in the following article!

Desta Reply to Julid’s Comment


In his latest upload on Instagram, Desta shared several photos of his vacation with his ex-wife, Natasha Rizki and their three children. The majority of netizens in the comments column hope that this 16-year-old couple can reconcile again.

However, in the midst of the positive comments that flooded the moment of family togetherness, negative comments were tucked in. One of the comments highlighted was Desta caper (seeking attention). Netizens criticized Desta on the assumption that he was only seeking public attention by showing off their good relationship even though they were divorced.

A bit caper huh ???? let it be said “still good relationship even though already divorced”, wrote one netizen.

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