Called Removing Hijab To Make Money, Nathalie Holscher Immediately Shows off a Luxury Car Worth Billions


Jakarta – Recently, there was a stir about Nathalie Holscher taking off her hijab. Nathalie Holscher took off the hijab a few months after divorcing Sule. Many netizens alleged that Nathalie Holscher took off her hijab to make money.

The netizen’s accusations departed from Nathalie Holscher’s statement, which stated that Sule’s monthly payment of IDR 25 million was very small. However, it turned out that Nathalie Holscher immediately showed off a new car. Here’s more!

Nathalie Holscher shows off a new car


Photo : TikTok/zona.viral94

Launching from the TikTok account netizen @zona.viral, Nathalie Holscher looks very happy with her new car. His new car is red in the form of a sports Ford Mustang. Nathalie Holscher shows the public with the condition of no longer wearing the hijab.

Looking at the car models exhibited by Nathalie Holscher, the sports car is worth between Rp. 1.5 to Rp. 1.8 billion. The new car review has been uploaded on Nathalie Holscher’s YouTube channel.

Lots of money, Nathalie Holscher’s new car was immediately brought to the house of Sule’s ex-wife.

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