Caught Cheating with Syahnaz, Rendy Kjaernett’s soap opera is in danger of being terminated?

Jakarta – Recently, the virtual world has been enlivened by the issue of the affair between Syahnaz Sadiqah and Rendy Kjaernett. Until now, both of them are still in the public spotlight.

After investigating, the news of the affair had a big impact on Rendy Kjaernett and Syahnaz Sadiqah. The reason is, in addition to blasphemy from the public, the filming process, starring Rendy Kjaernett, is also in danger of being terminated. This was revealed by Lady Nayoan. Curious about what’s next? Let’s see the full review.

Lady Nayoan said, The process of Rendy Kjaernett’s soap opera was terminated

Lady Nayoan, Maia Estianty

Lady Nayoan was a guest star on the Maia Estianty YouTube podcast channel. She also told about her husband’s affair, Rendy Kjaernett with Syahnaz Sadiqah.

Even Lady Nayoan revealed that her husband’s affair was not just a soap opera gimmick, as the news circulated.

“At first many doubted, this is a gimmick,” said Lady Nayoan quoted by Intipseleb from Maia Estianty’s YouTube channel.

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