Celebrate 2 Year Anniversary, Take a Peek at the Romance of Rachel Vennya and Salim Nauderer at Dinner

Jakarta – Celebgram and entrepreneur Rachel Vennya has just shared her happy moments while celebrating her 2 year anniversary with her lover Salim Nauderer.

Not only that, in the upload, Rachel is seen being given a luxurious gift by Salim. What do you think? Scroll through the following articles!

Having been on and off after stumbling upon a case of escaping quarantine during COVID-19, Rachel Vennya and Salim Nauderer are back together and in a relationship.

Even in Rachel Vennya’s latest upload, she shows the romance of the two when they have a romantic dinner with an all-black dress code.

“2 years ago today, Island view,” wrote Rachel Vennya, reported Friday, June 30, 2023.

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