Celebrity Hanum Mega is ready to become a rich widow, after her husband is suspected of having an affair

Jakarta – Unpleasant news came from the Hanum Mega program. Through his uploads on his personal Instagram account, he exposed the alleged affair of his husband, Achmad Herlambang.

The name Hanum Mega is now in the public spotlight after exposing the disgrace of her husband, who was suspected of playing with fire with another woman. Here’s the full review. Let’s see!

Hanum Mega Reveals Her Husband’s Alleged Affair

Hanum Mega

Hanum Mega uploaded screenshots of evidence of conversations between her husband, Achmad Herlambang, and the alleged woman he was having an affair with. The celebrity explained that this allegation had been caught since March 2023.

However, when she learned about this, Hanum Mega decided to forgive her husband. Because, according to him, Achmad Herlambang at that time was only doing micro cheating.

As information, reported by HealthReplies.com, micro cheating aims only to get attention from other people who are not partners. For example, often throw tantrums, often pay attention to other people, and do not lead to sexual intercourse.

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