Character Dismantled Close Friend, Mario Dandy Called Highly Respected


Jakarta – Yesterday a follow-up hearing was held regarding the abuse committed by Mario Dandy Satriyo and Shane Lukas against Cristalino David Ozora. Rafel Benitez as a close friend of the two was presented as a witness.

At the follow-up trial, Benitez revealed the true nature of Mario Dandy. Like what? Read more below.

Mario Dandy’s behavior was exposed by a close friend

Mario Danny

At the trial at the South Jakarta District Court which was held on June 27 2023, Rafel Benitez as a close friend of the two perpetrators revealed Mario Dandy’s true nature. He said that the son of Rafael Alun Trisambodo was not too picky about friends.

“(Mario) isn’t too picky about making friends. He can be friends with anyone. The only thing I feel from Mario is that something he doesn’t like sometimes becomes a problem,” said Benitez at the South Jakarta District Court, as reported by TVOne on June 28, 2023 .

Furthermore, Benitez said that Mario Dandy is a very respected person. This is because the child of the former tax official is older in terms of age.

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