Christopher Nolan Confirms Oppenheimer’s Film Doesn’t Use CGI Despite a Nuclear Explosion Scene

United States of America – In the near future, Christopher Nolan’s film, Oppenheimer, will be released on July 19.

Telling about the making of the first atomic bomb weapon, Christopher admitted that he did not use Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) effects even though there was a scene of an explosion caused by a nuclear bomb. How are you doing in full? Let’s take a peek below.

Christopher Nolan Doesn’t Use CGI


Photo: IMDb

Launching from Collider, director Christopher Nolan explained that he was not interested in using CGI during the filming of Oppenheimer.

That’s because he wanted to flex the big budget and create an interesting spectacle. Christopher admits that whenever possible, he wants to use practical camera work.

Even so, Christopher said that CGI effects would only be needed to make everything feel smooth.

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