Chronology of Jovi Adhiguna Eating Halal Meatballs Mixed with Pork Crackers


Jakarta – Influencer Jovi Adhiguna received harsh criticism for consuming non-halal food at a halal restaurant. Jovi mixes pork crackers in the meatball menu which is his meal.

Due to Jovi Adhiguna’s actions, netizens became worried and commemorated the rules for bringing food and drinks from outside the restaurant. What’s the chronology like? Take a peek at Jovi Adhiguna’s chronology of eating pork crackers at a halal restaurant.

Jovi Adhiguna Eats Pork Crackers Mixed with Meatballs at a Halal Restaurant

Social media was enlivened by a video of Jovi Adhiguna eating meatballs from a halal meatball restaurant in Indonesia. Initially, Jovi revealed that his favorite meatball soup had a complete taste.

“Meatball sauce if it’s sour, salty, spicy, sweet, beuuhh,” wrote Jovi Adhiguna, who was re-uploaded on Twitter @mediocrickey, 18 July 2023.

After concocting the meatball sauce that tasted just right, Jovi Adhiguna took a cracker. The crackers turned out to be pork crackers. He mixed the pork crackers in his meatballs.

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