Chronology of the robbery of Michael Rendy’s father Clayton’s house in Semarang, the perpetrator brought Sajam


Semarang – An unpleasant incident recently happened to the celebrity Michael Rendy’s family. This is because Clayton’s father’s residence, which is located in Semarang, has just been robbed.

In fact, Rendy suffered cuts on his hands and ears because he held a sharp weapon aimed at him. What is the complete chronology of the robbery at Michael Rendy’s house? Take a full peek below.

Celebrity Michael Rendy’s house is robbed

A horrific incident recently occurred at the residence of celebrity couple Michael Rendy and Lizzabeth. This was because there was a robbery at the residence of the two of them.

Through Instagram, Mrs. Clayton shared the incident after the robbery that occurred at her house. She uploaded a video showing her husband with bloody ears and hands after blocking robbers who were about to enter his house.

“God protect our family… my husband, after a duel with the robbery… praise God, I can scream so loud that the neighbors come out and the robbers run away. I recorded it after the robbery ran away to be used as evidence to the police,” wrote Lizzabeth quoted on Monday, July 10, 2023.

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