Citra Kirana’s tears broke when she told her about her small family’s condition after she found out that Rezky had a child


Jakarta – Citra Kirana could not contain her sadness when she remembered the moment when the news first appeared and news about Rezky Aditya who was stated to have had a child with another woman.

While crying with a trembling voice, the 29-year-old woman admitted that there were many factors that kept her strong. Is it true? Let’s scroll the following article!

Little Ciki’s Family Condition

Kiran's image

Not the type of woman who is easily angry and emotional, Citra Kirana could not hold back her tears when she recounted the big moment that shook her family recently, namely the news that Rezky had a child from another woman.

Even having been declared Kekey’s biological father, Citra Kirana admitted that she had tried to be strong and felt that she fit in since choosing Rezky to be her husband.

“I’m the type of person who really can’t get angry, so when I met Rezky I felt fit. So when there’s a big problem like this I learn a lot from Rezky,” said Citra Kirana on YouTube Ana Sofia Yuking, Tuesday, July 4, 2023.

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