Coki Pardede Gives Relaxed Response After Being Criticized For Allegedly Laughing At The Story Of Prophet Ibrahim

Jakarta – Some time ago, comic strip Coki Pardede, Tretan Muslim, Adriano Qalbi came under fire after being accused of laughing at the story of the Prophet Abraham.

As information, the video was uploaded on one of the Indonesian Funny Council’s YouTube channels. However, it has now been removed.

Received criticism, Coki Pardede gave his response. Curious? Come on, see the full review below.

Coki Pardede’s relaxed reaction

Coki Pardede

Coki Pardede provides clarification. He also responded casually even though he received scathing criticism from a number of parties.

“For me it’s okay, it’s part of social media itself,” said Coki Pardede in the Sudirman area, Central Jakarta, July 6, 2023.

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