Collaborate with Wika Salim, for Revenge Remake Pause Songs

Jakarta – for Revenge is back with its latest work in collaboration with dangdut singer, Wika Salim. This is a suspended project that should have been realized last year.

With this collaboration, for Revenge finally succeeded in completing this project to completion. Let’s take a peek at the collaboration for Revenge with Wika Salim.

Wika Salim Collaboration


Photo: Special

After collaborating with Fiersa Besari in early 2023, now for Revenge (fR) has invited Wika Salim to collaborate on a remake single titled Jeda.

“This is a project that was delayed in 2022. Not long after the release of the song Pause, we wanted to create something that was unthinkable before, collaborating with dangdut singers. Wika Salim is the first option. The plan has finally come true at this time,” explained Boniex the vocalist to the media crew, Monday 17 July 2023.

This Pause song tells the story of a relationship that ends in a very complex way. A relationship that starts with mistakes and ends with mistakes too.

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