Commented on by Soleh Solihun, Reveals Reasons for Slank to Release the Song ‘Good-hearted Police’


Jakarta – The country’s famous rock band, Slank, has officially released its newest song recently. However, the song titled ‘The Kind Police’ actually reaped various reactions from the public.

One who commented on the song from Slank was Soleh Solihun. Receiving various comments from the public, what is Slank’s goal in releasing this song? Let’s take a peek at the answer below.

Slank’s latest song, The Kind Police, has caught the public’s attention. This is because the lyrics of the song do not seem to describe the usual ‘Slank’.

The many comments from various parties finally revealed what the song The Good Police was released for on July 14. This was revealed from Slank’s personal Instagram.

Apparently, Slank released the song to be dedicated to the Indonesian National Police. None other than, the song is like a present for the birthday of the Police, aka the 77th Bhayangkara Day.

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