Condemned for Obscenity, Sam Smith Turns out Stimulation of Anal Sex in Front of Children

Spanish – Sam Smith received harsh criticism for simulating anal sex during the Mad Cool Festival 2023 concert in Madrid, Spain. Investigate a calibaration, the singer of Unholy performed an indecent stage action in front of the children.

Mad Cool Festival 2023, which is hosted by Sam Smith, does not have strict rules for audiences within a certain age limit. What are the details like? Check out the full article!

Sam Smith Stimulates Anal Sex in Front of Children

Sam Smith’s appearance at the Mad Cool Festival 2023 in Madrid caused controversy. When performing the song Unholy, Sam performed vulgar choreography, such as showing off his buttocks to indecent moves.

Worse, Sam Smith did anal sex stimulation on stage. Together with male dancers without tops, Sam thrusts his buttocks and makes quite vulgar expressions.

Sam Smith simulated anal sex while performing at a concert attended by children in Madrid on Friday.” wrote the account @OliLondonTV.

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