Confessing to have an affair with Syahnaz, Rendy Kjaernett shows off a special letter from this figure

Jakarta – Rendy Kjaernett shared a portrait with his youngest child from Lady Nayoan. Then, Rendy also showed a letter containing a sweet message from someone.

This was exhibited by Rendy Kjaernett after confirming the rumors of his affair with Syahnaz Sadiqah and admitting that he had special feelings. Like what? Take a peek at the article!

Rendy Kjaernett Gets Special Letter

Rendy Kjaernett

Through his Instagram, Rendy Kjaernett shows his portrait with his youngest child. Rendy is seen sitting relaxed on a brown sofa. Then, Rendy took his youngest son on his lap. Rendy Kjaernett hugged his child affectionately.

In the next upload, Rendy Kjaernett showed off the special letter he received. The letter was a gift from Ema, her second child.

Ema wrote happy birthday to Rendy Kjaernett. Apparently, Rendy had his 35th birthday on July 1, 2023.

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