Content of Marshel Widianto and Cesen Ex-JKT48 Confused Netizens, Failed?

Jakarta – Marshel Widianto uploaded content containing him and his wife, Yansen Indiani alias Cesen ex JKT48. But the content actually made netizens confused.

Did Marshel Widianto and his wife’s content fail? Check the article below.

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In the uploaded video, Marshall is seen in the car. He sounded angry and kept nagging because he was waiting for his wife to polish herself too long.

“From 5 in the afternoon until (at) 5 past 45 they haven’t come yet, the girls’ grooming took really long, ah come on,” Marshall shouted as if he wanted to express his frustration.

Komika, who has just been blessed with one child, is grumbling again. However, the words that came out of Marshall’s mouth were quite intriguing.

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