Cruelly Abusing David, Mario Dandy Feels No Pity: He Just Silent

Jakarta – Mario Dandy’s trial for the abuse of Cristalino David Ozora has just taken place. During the trial, he explained the reason for the cruel persecution.

Mario Dandy said that he did not feel sorry for David. See below in full.

Mario Dandy Feels No Pity for David

In Mario Dandy’s trial which was held a few days ago, he testified about his reasons for continuing to abuse David even though the victim was in a helpless condition.

According to Rafael Alun Trisambodo’s son, David was deemed not to have put up a fight. He also admitted that he had lost his eyes and felt sorry for David’s condition.

“At that time, when I was persecuting, I didn’t pay attention to His Majesty’s condition, I only knew that he was already at the bottom, because he didn’t have any resistance, he didn’t have ‘Oh my goodness, my God’, he just kept quiet, I I didn’t feel sorry for him at that time, I was blindfolded at that time,” said Mario Dandy, quoted from his Twitter account on July 7, 2023.

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