Cure the longing of fans, Payung Teduh & Is Pusakata ‘Rain Parade’ Releases New Single

Jakarta – Good news for Indonesian music lovers. The Rain Parade music group, fronted by Is Pusakata and Payung Teduh, has released a new single entitled Datang.

This is another joint work by four friends who used to live together in the Payung Teduh music group, before Is decided to leave. Take a peek at the full information below.

Is Pusakata and Payung Teduh Continue to Carry Out Their Individual Projects


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The story begins when Is Pusakata and Payung Teduh were asked to perform at the annual Synchronize 2022 music festival by David Karto (Demajors/Synchronize). This offer was used as a reunion moment between Is Pusakata and his old band, Payung Teduh. This is also a sign that their friendship remains intertwined, coupled with the power of music.

Finally, Is Pusakata and Payung Teduh chose the name Rain Parade as their collaboration name. This name is taken with a deep philosophy.

Rain diction is interpreted as a blessing. Thus, the Rain Parade is interpreted as a parade of blessings.

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