Daniel Radcliffe Reveals Will Not Join Harry Potter Series

United States of America – The most successful fantasy film, Harry Potter, has been confirmed to be making a TV series soon. Will use the new players, the main character of the Harry Potter film, namely Daniel Radcliffe, expressed his opinion.

Admittedly by him, he did not want to get involved with the Harry Potter series. I wonder why, huh? Let’s take a peek at his confession below.

Don’t Want to Get Involved in the Harry Potter Series

Daniel Radcliff

Launching from Insider, Daniel Radcliffe admits that he is not interested in returning to the wizarding world and re-enacting the character of Harry Potter.

This was because Daniel felt that the Harry Potter series production party wanted to try something new and fresh.

“My understanding is that they’re trying to start very fresh and I’m sure whoever made them will want to make their own mark on it and probably don’t want to think about how to make an old Harry cameo in this movie somewhere,” said Daniel Radcliffe. when interviewed by ComicBook, quoted on Wednesday, July 5, 2023.

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