Deciding Divorce, Inara Rusli Misses Pillow Talk with Virgoun

Jakarta – After the issue of Virgoun cheating surfaced, Inara Rusli seemed furious that she decided to divorce her husband. But now Inara Rusli has calmed down.

Even so, it turns out that she has a longing for pillow talk with her husband. Here’s the full article.


Photo : Instagram/inararusli

Inara Rusli openly admits that she has lost enough of the figure of Virgoun after the two of them decided to divorce. Inara Rusli said this when he became a guest star on Nadia Alaydrus’ podcast, Wednesday, July 12, 2023.

“From what was together, now you are alone. What moment do you miss the most? What do you miss the most?” asked Nadia Alaydrus.

But it wasn’t a Virgoun that he missed, but the moments when they were still husband and wife. Inara Rusli has now lost someone with whom he can share.

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