Della Puspita’s new husband admits that he has agreed to divorce his legal wife, refuses to reveal the official date of divorce


Jakarta – Della Puspita’s new husband, Arman Wosi, finally opened his voice after a woman named Susan claiming to be his legal wife appeared in the media.

Arman Wosi admitted that he and the woman named Susan had agreed to divorce. Like what?

Admittedly Agreed Divorce

Della Puspita

Della Puspita and Arman Wosi finally opened their voices after admitting that a woman named Susan said she was Arman’s legal wife.

Accused of having secretly married and leaving his legal wife, Arman Wosi opened his voice and admitted that he had agreed to divorce.

“I and the woman with the initial S have separated in front of my own family. Automatically with an agreement to divorce, I chose to continue my life and marry Della Puspita,” he explained as quoted by Youtube Intense Investigation on Saturday, July 8, 2023.

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