Denise Chariesta Satire Uya Kuya to Richard Lee Gegara Didn’t Help at the Open Donation

Jakarta – Denise Chariesta previously made a scene because she made an open donation to pay for the cost of giving birth to her child. Not getting the amount of donations as expected, Denise now even quips at her fellow artists.

He made fun of Uya Kuya and Richard Lee for not contributing at the open donation. Like what?

Satire Fellow Artists

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Denise Chariesta had admitted that she hoped to get up to IDR 1 billion when she made an open donation to pay for the birth of the child she was carrying.

However, in fact he only received donations of around IDR 3 million. Even so, many netizens donated with a very small nominal amount, even IDR 1.

Receiving the results of an open donation that did not meet expectations, Denise Chariesta insinuated fellow artists who did not contribute to her. For example, like Uya Kuya, who he called all this time doing imaging.

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