Denise Chariesta Shows off Donations of IDR 100 Million, Netizens Are Suspicious of Their Own Transfers


Jakarta – Denise Chariesta was shocked when she found a transfer of IDR 100 million into her account. The woman who is familiarly called Denise Cadel was immediately grateful because her birth process by caesarean had been paid for by good people.

Receiving a windfall of IDR 100 million from an open donation, Denise Chariesta is even more enthusiastic about praying so that her donations reach IDR 1 billion. Like what? Let’s take a peek!

Get IDR 100 Million Donation

Through her Instagram, Denise Chariesta stated that if there was a transfer of IDR 100 million to her account. This fantastic amount of money was the result of donations from open donations that he made.

Receiving money of IDR 100 million, Denise Chariesta admitted that she was shocked. Even so, she thanked God because her caesarean delivery was paid off.

“Waking up, checking for mutations… surprised there were 100 jeti!! Who is this ? Praise God it’s cool to pay for a caesarean at the hospital in full,” said Denise Chariesta, reported by IntipSeleb from her Instagram on Thursday, July 13, 2023.

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