Denise Chariesta Shows Off Results of Open Donation of Birth after being Blasphemed, Many Donate IDR 1

Jakarta – Denise Chariesta previously made a scene because she made an open donation to pay for her child’s birth. He was widely blasphemed because it was considered begging for his own mistakes.

After 24 hours of opening the donation, Denise showed off the results. Like what?

Show off Donation Results

Denise Chariesta

Denise Chariesta launched an open donation for childbirth costs and the needs of her baby. As is known, Denise was pregnant out of wedlock and is now pregnant with a baby without a husband.

Despite facing a lot of criticism, Denise Chariesta still shows a fearless attitude. Denise even openly disclosed the amount of donations she received within 24 hours.

Through his Instagram Story, the flower seller program announced that he had received a donation of IDR 3.1 million. He plans to keep opening donations until the estimated date of his child’s birth, which is November 2023.

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