Denny Caknan officially becomes Bella Bonita’s husband, Happy Asmara: I’m sincere


Jakarta – Denny Caknan officially became Bella Bonita’s husband, after holding a marriage contract on Friday night, July 7 2023.

Happy Asmara as Denny Caknan’s ex-girlfriend immediately voiced her troubled feelings. He frankly confessed sincerely. Come on, take a peek at Happy Asmara’s heart below.

Happy Asmara Claims To Be Sincere

Since Denny Caknan announced his marriage to Bella Bonita, Happy Asmara has been in the spotlight. Moreover, the singer of Rungkad did not hesitate to show his anxiety.

Starting from releasing songs that imply heartbreak, to having cried during live. This time, Happy Asmara even openly made Instagram uploads and wrote down his sincere feelings.

I’m sincere,” wrote Happy Asmara from his personal Instagram on Saturday, July 8, 2023.

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