Denny Caknan shows off his future wife, Bella Bonita Auto’s Instagram is attacked by Happy Asmara fans

Jakarta – Ambyar’s friend has just been made excited by the happy news brought by the famous koplo singer, Denny Caknan. After breaking up with Happy Asmara, Denny finally officially announced his relationship with a beautiful model named Belbon alias Bella Bonita.

Unfortunately, this news was not well received by Happy and Denny’s fans. They immediately stopped by Belbon’s Instagram and expressed their disappointment. Like what? Let’s just listen to it!

Go public

Denny Caknan, Bella Bonita

After waiting for the right time, Denny Caknan finally announced to the public the woman who had made up her mind to be in a relationship. The beautiful woman named Bella Bonita.

Through his Instagram, Denny uploaded two beautiful photos of Belbon and made sweet remarks about Bella’s figure. Denny admits that he likes Bella with all her flaws. And in the comments column, he hinted that they would go down the aisle. That’s why he dared to go public.

Some fans of Denny Caknan may not be surprised by this news because Denny and Bella have been close to each other for some time. It’s just that several other fans who still failed to move on with Denny Caknan’s relationship with Happy Asmara seemed shocked by this news.

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