Desperate to Take Child Custody, Hanum Mega: He Just Carries His Body and Brings Disease

Jakarta – The affair that took place in Hanum Mega’s household suddenly made her sure to take the path of divorce and separate from Achmad Herlambang.

It was even acknowledged by Hanum if he intended to take full custody of the child. Is it true? Check out the following article!

Child Custody

Hanum Mega

Confident and determined to sue Achmad Herlambang for divorce in court, Hanum Mega leaked evidence of a chat with his attorney and wanted to fight for child custody.

Even in the contents of the short message on WhatsApp, he wanted his lawyer to immediately take care of the child custody issue, and he wanted Hanum to fight for it.

Firmly convinced, the beauty vlogger mocked Achmad Herlambang, the husband, who is said to have brought nothing since marriage other than bringing himself and illness.

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