Desta and Natasha Rizki Celebrate Children’s Birthday Together, Adem Netizens See Togetherness

Jakarta – Desta and Natasha Rizki still celebrate children’s birthdays together, even though they are officially divorced. In fact, Desta and the woman who is familiarly called Caca compactly visited their child’s school.

Desta’s post, which shared photos celebrating his son’s birthday, was warmly responded by Natasha Rizki. Like what? Check out the article!

Celebrate Child’s Birthday Together

Through his Instagram, Desta shared moments celebrating the birthday of his second child, Miskha Arrawfa Najma. Miskha has her 7th birthday today, Wednesday, 12 July 2023.

Apparently, Desta didn’t only share photos of Miskha celebrating her birthday. Vincent Rompies’ friend showed his photo with Natasha Rizki, who together celebrated Miskha’s birthday. The former couple compactly flanked Miskha who smiled broadly.

It seems that Desta and Natasha Rizki visited Miskha’s school together to celebrate her birthday. This can be seen from the photos of Miskha, Desta, Caca, and Miskha’s classmates in the photos shared.

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