Dewi Perssik Hugs Doddy Sudrajat and Calls a Good Person Despite Being Bullied, Netizens Pray for a Match

Jakarta – The Dewi Perssik sword was in the spotlight because the two of them met in one place. Saipul Jamil’s ex-wife hugged Doddy Sudrajat and praised his character.

Directly by netizens, the two of them are prayed for a match. Like what? Take a peek in full below.

Hugs Doddy Sudrajat

Tik Tok / Gustav

Photo: Tiktok / Gustav

One of the accounts on TikTok shows the meeting between Doddy Sudrajat and Dewi Perssik. The two met in one of the restaurants.

The singer of the song Sweet Dreams immediately hugged Mayang’s father tightly and called him a good and extraordinary person. He was even amazed by the character of Doddy Sudrajat, even though until now he was often bullied.

“Guys, daddy is amazing, this person is really kind, but he gets bullied a lot, but he’s the best person,” said Dewi Perssik, quoted from Gustav’s TikTok, Tuesday, July 18, 2023.

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