‘Disgusting’ Matty Healy’s action of attaching genitals to the camera makes netizens excited

English – The 1975 vocalist, Matty Healy, suddenly became the spotlight on social media after holding a concert in London, England, on Sunday, June 27, 2023.

There was one of Matty’s actions that made netizens jealous on social media. Like what? Come on-scroll until it runs out!

Matty Healy’s Freak Action

Matty healy

On social media Twitter, circulating the latest portrait of Matty Healy standing on stage during a concert in London, England.

Matty Healy in a new photo from the recent 1975 show,” said @ThePopTingz, quoted on Wednesday, July 5, 2023.

Not only appearing to sing as usual, Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend made the audience shocked because he was seen attaching a camera to his genitals. Matty, who was wearing a white shirt and black pants, seemed to be approaching the cameraman. While singing, he was seen sticking the camera to his genitals.

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