Dismantling Sule’s bad character, Nathalie Holscher was actually advised back by netizens


Jakarta – Bad news comes from the beautiful artist Nathalie Holscher. His only son from his marriage to Sule experienced a high fever that foamed at the mouth and was rushed to a hospital in South Jakarta.

However, in that condition, Nathalie was furious with Sule. What happened? Come on, see the following article!

Disappointed with Sule

Nathalie Holscher and Adzam

In the midst of the sadness of seeing Adzam lying sick, Nathalie Holscher was disappointed by the father of his child. He conveyed his disappointment to Sule by uploading chat evidence allegedly between the two of them.

Still in the ER, bro, haven’t entered the room yet,” wrote Nathalie Holscher in a message clip uploaded to Instagram Story.

I’ll take a shower first. I’ll let you know when you get the room,” Sulley said again.
“I’ll do the endorsement first. After Friday, I’ll go to the hospital,” added the man opposite Nathalie.

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