Divorce Issues Again from Princess Anne, Denny Sumargo to Arya Saloka: Waiting for You to Clarify

Jakarta – Princess Anne and Arya Saloka’s household is being hit by an unpleasant issue. Because, the two were rumored to be divorced because they were rarely seen together.

However, the highlight was when Arya Saloka and Denny Sumargo talked at an award ceremony. What did he say? Scroll through the article below.

Divorce Issues

Princess Anne, Arya Saloka

Princess Anne and Arya Saloka are now reportedly divorced. This was allegedly from one of the accounts who noticed the irregularity of Princess Anne’s name.

This is because the Twitter account @bundakenken claims to witness the event on Instagram live, Princess Anne was called by the name Putri Anne Saloka by the host when she went on stage.

However, the owner of the clothing label later corrected Putri Anne Saloka’s name and said that the mother of one child no longer used the name Saloka.

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