D’Masiv ‘Kills’ Masivers on Last Song in Two Decades Concert


Jakarta – The band DMasiv has successfully held its 20th anniversary in the Waterproof industry. The band, which has released approximately 8 albums, also collaborated with several other musicians to sing their songs.

What kind of excitement did Rian and friends bring? Come on, listen to the article until it runs out!


Taking place at the Gelora Bung Karno Basketball Hall, Senayan, Central Jakarta on July 1 2023, the band D’Masiv successfully held their solo concert. At around 20.00 WIB, D’Masiv opened their concert with a compilation of their photos from the beginning of their career until now. Of course with the strains of their songs.

This band from Jakarta opened the concert by singing one of the upset anthems of Indonesian society, Miss you Like Crazy. Then in the third song, the fans who are called Masivers are also still confused about the song Love up here. The vocalist, Rian Dmasiv then greeted and welcomed the audience.

“Good evening, Jakarta. Happy celebrating 20 years of D’Masiv and enjoy D’Masiv’s songs tonight, friends,” said Rian on stage.

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