Donated coins, Denise Chariesta shows off the amount of the balance of the Birth Donation makes it shock

Jakarta – Prior to giving birth, Denise Chariesta deliberately opened an open donation. Even though there was a lot of blasphemy, it seems that there are many netizens who still make donations even if it is small change.

So now Denise is showing off the amount of donations she has received. Curious how much? Let’s take a peek at the numbers below.

Total Balance Donation Denise Chariesta


Photo : Instagram/@denisechariesta91

Launching her Instagram Story, Denise Chariesta shared a row of netizens who had sent donations to pay for her own birth.

In the posters that have been distributed, there is evidence of a row of transactions from netizens. However, the money donated is relatively small, ranging from Rp. 1, Rp. 100 to Rp. 5,000.

Even though it is considered a small change, the total amount of donations has so far reached tens of millions of rupiah, namely Rp. 17 million.

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