Don’t be jealous of Botita’s sustenance

Jakarta – Dewi Perssik and Saipul Jamil are again at odds and sarcasm with each other on social media. Most recently, accusations emerged that the dangdut diva had become famous since she married Saipul Jamil.

Unacceptable, Dewi Perssik then proved her fame. Let’s take a peek at what it’s like in full below.

The Goddess of Perssik Mosquitoes is Called Fame Gegara Saipul Jamil

The feud between Dewi Perssik and Saipul Jamil is heating up. Mutual sarcasm on social media, most recently the singer of the song Hikayat Cintaku proves accusations about her being called famous because of her ex-husband.

Dewi Perssik then uploaded a video of herself performing at a private TV station and was watched by many people. In the video, he performed his first song titled ‘Bintang Pentas’.

“This video was before I was contracted by SCTV in the “The Star” program. And this was 2003 when my first song was “star of the stage”,” wrote Dewi Perssik through her Instagram statement, as reported on July 24, 2023.

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