‘Down on admitting to have evidence’, Police Reveal the Chronology of Bobby Joseph’s Arrest

Jakarta – Unpleasant news came from an actor named Bobby Joseph. The reason is, he was again arrested by the police because of a suspected case of drug abuse at his residence on Friday, July 21, 2023 in the Cinere area, Depok, West Java.

On one occasion, South Jakarta Metro Police Head of Narcotics Research Unit, Kompol Achmad Ardhy explained the chronology of Bobby Joseph’s arrest. Here’s the full review, curious? Let’s take a peek!

Had Avoided Having Evidence


Photo : instagram/bobbyjsph

Kompol Achmad Ardhy said that when he was arrested, Bobby Joseph did not admit that he kept evidence of synthetic drugs.

“We’ll see he has evidence below 1 gram. It must have been hidden because we checked it evasively, yes, but with the police method, we will definitely get the evidence. And according to the relevant we found it,” said Ardhy on Monday, July 24, 2023.

Police Manage to Find Evidence

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