Duet with Tiara Andini, Brisia Jodie Crying because the Audience Was Ordered to Quit?

Jakarta – Young singer Brisia Jodie suddenly got a lot of sympathy from netizens. This was after the viral video he was asked to step down while singing and on the same stage with Tiara Andini.

What happened to him and what did netizens say? Let’s take a peek at the article right away!

Brisia Jodie’s Viral Moment Was Ordered to Back Out

Various sources

Photos: Various sources

A TikTok account shared the moment Brisia Jodie appeared on stage with her colleague Tiara Andini. On that occasion, they seemed to be about to sing the song ‘With My Way’. However, when Tiara Andini sang first, a member of the audience on Jodie’s right side shouted and asked her to step back.

It seems that the audience wanted to record Tiara Andini singing so they didn’t want Brisia Jodie to get in the way of her fancam.

“Jodie shifted. Jodie to step down,” said the spectator while pointing his hand at the code asking Jodie to step down, seen from the TikTok account @rainiseptiani, Monday, July 17 2023.

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