Enji Baskoro Misses Bilqis, Ayu Ting Ting insists: Don’t ask that!


Jakarta – Ayu Ting Ting was cynical when asked by her ex-husband, Enji Baskoro, who missed their child, Bilqis Khumairah Razak. With a cold expression, the 31 year old singer asked not to discuss Enji in front of Bilqis.

Previously, Enji Baskoro boasted that he missed Bilqis, who had grown up. What was the narrative like? Take a peek at the article by scrolling on!

Enji Baskoro admits that he misses Bilqis

On one occasion, Enji Baskoro mentioned Bilqis, the fruit of his marriage to Ayu Ting Ting. Enji admitted that he had never met Bilqis. Even so, he hoped to have time to meet his daughter.

“My son is big now, but if we haven’t met him yet. Later, maybe there’s a time to meet,” said Enji, quoted from Instagram @lambegosiip.

Enji Baskoro did not deny his longing for Bilqis. Therefore, Enji can only monitor Bilqis through Instagram and the internet.

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