Enzy Storia Celebrates the Independence of the United States, Salfok Netizens: Is that Monas?

United States of America – Enzy Storia also celebrates the Fourth of July or United States Independence Day. Having moved to Uncle Sam’s country, Enzy was also immersed in the festivities of this national commemoration.

In fact, Enzy Storia showed off a photo with her husband Maulana Kasetra alias Molen Kasetra and at a fireworks party. What’s the fun like? Keep peeking!

Enzy Storia celebrates the first Fourth of July after officially moving to the United States. Through his Instagram, Hesti Purwadinata’s best friend showed off his activities when he participated in commemorating the United States’ Independence Day.

“4th of July,” wrote Enzy Storia while adding the United States flag, reported by IntipSeleb on Wednesday, July 5, 2023.

In the first and second portraits, Enzy Storia appears to be visiting the Washington Monument. With thousands of other Americans, Enzy was seen smiling happily when posing in front of this historical monument.

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