Enzy Storia’s reaction to Molen Kasetra being called similar to Ragil Mahardika, was unexpected

Jakarta – Enzy Storia is known to have married Molen Kasetra on May 20, 2022 yesterday. At the reception, Enzy Storia’s husband was judged to be similar to Ragil Mahardika.

This is because Molen, who dances, is considered to be a little similar to Ragil Mahardika’s dance, an Indonesian gay TikToker who lives in Germany. Knowing that, Enzy Storia reacted. What did he say? Let’s see in full below.

Enzy Storia reaction

Enzy Storia appeared on the Vincent Rompies and Desta podcast recently. He revealed his plans to stay in the United States until March 2024.

Not only revealed his plan, he also responded to the matter of her husband, Molen Kasetra. Because her husband was considered to be similar to Ragil Mahardika when he danced at Enzy and Molen’s wedding reception.

It was previously known that Ragil Mahardika is a TikToker who often makes content dancing to Indian songs. She has a slender and supple movement that has gone viral on social media.

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